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Hi, I'm considering applying to study here next semester (I'm American.) Can any of you tell me anything about the theater program at the Bretton Hall Campus? Whether it's good, if it's competitive or anything?
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Yeah, I was about to say, they're closing the Bretton Hall campus after this year, so you'd be on the main university campus from 2007 onwards.
Oh yeah, now I see it says that in my information book. Oops. :)
Hi Hilary,

I have a few friends who did the theatre course at Bretton. If you want to work as a mainstream actor in the UK, it possibly wouldn't give you the right sort of training, and it's not accredited. It's more about improvisation and performance than acting, Stanislavski and method (though I think you still do a bit of them). They're big on postmodern performance and live art. My friend came out with a First and has formed a theatre company with other Brettonites, is doing solo live art stuff at festivals around the north, and is also performing with a TIE type company at the moment.

But yeah, it's still competitive to get in.
Thank you, that's very helpful.