Mechagodzilla vs Smog Monster (star_broken) wrote in leedsuniversity,
Mechagodzilla vs Smog Monster

Leeds All Dayer - Humanfly, Errander, Jupiter Lander plus more

we've got the X factor

Saturday September 9th! Starts at 3pm! @the Fenton, Woodhouse Lane

ERRANDER – formerly known as P>S>P, off kilter heaviness, on IATDE records
LUCIEN (Sweden) – punk cock rock n roll from Sweden ala Hellacopters/Gluecifer
HUMANFLY – a yorkshire thunderstorm of riffs. mega.
THE DAUNTLESS ELITE – melodic sing along punk rock, in that No Idea vein, but without sounding like every band on No Idea which, let’s face it, a lot of bands do.
DEATH HAND APPROACHING – instrumental metal, sound like The Fucking Champs apparently. But I saw TFC’s last year, and I wasn’t impressed, but I did have a good pool session while they played.
JUPITER LANDER – spazzy emo. Anyone seen crying will be ejected from the venue and beaten down on the fire escape. Ex We Are Corpses
UNICORN LOVE – noise? ewan.
xOLIVERREEDx – drunken grind (the best sort)
IT’S BROKEN – kid dynamite six toes from Ponte
KAYAKO SAEKI – like early Therapy? ? 2nd gig

The running order will fluctuate wildly. Much like John Travolta’s acting career. Broken Arrow though, wicked film. So get there at the start.

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