In the wilderness... (nerdtchose) wrote in leedsuniversity,
In the wilderness...


I'm an exchange student due to start in January at Leeds... I'll be staying in uni accomodation - so far picked Clarence Dock but haven't had my choice confirmed yet - and I heard it's pretty far from uni. I've also seen posts about how you shouldn't walk alone in the streets.

I'm wondering... I'm from Montreal, so I tend to assume it's okay to walk home by yourself at 1 A.M. and not be afraid at all (I'm a 5'2" girl). I have the feeling it won't be okay in Leeds, so I'm aware of that, but I was wondering if this applies only at night? At what time do you say it's too late/not recommended to walk around by yourself?

Thanks in advance from preventing a clueless Canadian from getting mugged!
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